Nancy O'Donohue and animal healingArticles written by Nancy:

This Amazing Gift of Breathing, by Nancy O’Donohue, Spiritus Magazine, October 2018

Spiritual Healing; Britain’s Best Export
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by Nancy O’Donohue
Natural Awakenings Magazine , April 2009

Spiritual Healing by Nancy O’Donohue
Holistic Horse Magazine , print version, April/May 2009

Lexi’s Last Chance – Spiritual Healing by Nancy O’Donohue
Holistic Horse Magazine , on-line version, April/May 2009

Tina’s Turnaround; How Reiki Calmed a Temperamental Horse, by Nancy O’Donohue,
Natural Horse Magazine , May 2007

Animal Reiki – Bringing Comfort to a Dying Animal by Nancy O’Donohue
Healing Garden Journal , March/April 2007

True’s Eyes , by Nancy O’Donohue
Animal Reiki Source Newsletter , December 2006

Water Crystals and Healing , by Nancy O’Donohue
Healing Today, The U.K.’s Leading Healing Magazine , Issue 104, May – July 2006

Articles about Nancy’s work :

Healing Trust Newsletter Tutor Spotlight, June 2021

Reiki Master Brings Unique Treatment to Animals , January 5, 2007 Local Observer, Holland, Michigan