Distance Healing

spiritual healing graphic

Spiritual healing energy is not limited by time or space, and is just as effective as if I were standing next to you.

As The Healing Practitioner, I will call you at the scheduled time to do an initial check in. I will then prepare by going into a meditative state and act as a conduit for the Healing Energy to flow. I will visualize you, the client, lying on a massage table and go through a process of the laying on of hands, working in the energy field, balancing the energy centers and working on the joints and any areas of discomfort. Sessions can also be done by Skype.

This is done the same way it would be done in person. I also repeat healing phrases in my mind while doing this (your affirmations or intentions) and hold you in your Highest Light and Health.

Client Preparation: Choose a quiet place to lie down where you will be undisturbed for an hour or so. Request anyone in the household not to enter your room until you come out. Turn off all phones and devices and put on some soft music. Pets should be in another part of the building. You may prepare in any way you wish; preferably by taking slow deep breaths and relaxing your mind/body, perhaps playing some soft music. Be sure you are wearing comfortable clothing and remove any heavy jewelry, shoes, glasses, etc. and that the room temperature is comfortable for you. Have a glass of water nearby.

We will talk again after the session is completed.

What can you expect during a session? A sense of well-being, relaxation, freedom from stress and pain, a sense of peace. This can happen during the session, later in the day or in the following days or weeks. Everyone is different and energy can work in varying ways for different people.

You may feel warmth or coolness, tingling, pulsing, waves, see colors or patterns, or experience none of these. The energy is still flowing and doing the healing, regardless.

After the session, you may want to sleep or rest and be sure to drink plenty of water! Avoid alcohol for 24 hours after the healing session.

At least 4 sessions are recommended for best results. Sometimes the body needs time to adapt to a new system of healing. Healing is a process, not an event. Be gentle with yourself and notice any changes in mind, body or spirit.

I offer a free initial 20-minute Skype or phone consultation so we can determine if what I offer and what you are looking for is a match. This is free of charge.

Subsequent sessions are $50/hour. [Or four pre-paid sessions for $175].

“It is reasonable to expect the doctor to recognize that science may not have all the answers to problems of health and healing.”

Norman Cousins